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Krankz faq's: 

How do I pair my new Krankz headphones?

  • Ensure that your music player or phone is switched on and you have enabled Bluetooth® function.
  • Power on the headset by pressing and holding the multi-function key about five seconds.  You will hear a "Power On" voice prompt and then a "Ready to Pair" voice prompt and the indicator light will flash blue then red and the headset is ready to pair with your device.
  • Go to your Bluetooth® feature on you music player or phone, and set it to search for Bluetooth® devices.
  • Select "Krankz" or "BT328" from the list of found devices on your music player or phone.
  • If necessary, enter the pass-code "0000" to pair and connect the headset to your device.
How far away can I use may headphones?

  • The Bluetooth signal is only good up to about a 33 feet line of sight, meaning no walls or obstacles can be between the headphones and your Bluetooth music player or phone.
  • Your headphones will work the best if you keep your music player or phone within about 10 feet of your headphones.
  • Having your music player or phone within arms reach is the optimal, especially if there are a lot of other Bluetooth devices (i.e. phones) near you.

What is the supplied cable for?

  • Your headphones come fully charged and there is no need to try and charge them yet, just when the batter is dead.
  • The supplied cable is for charging your headphones only!
  • Do not try to use your headphones with the charging cable attached and connected to any device.

Psyko 5.1 faq's:

Are there any plans to make a Psyko Gaming Headset for Xbox and PlayStation?

Yes, we are releasing the Psyko 5.1 Console Gaming Headset that is compatible with the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles.  While, we do not have an exact release date, the Psyko 5.1 Console Gaming Headsets are completed and ready for mass production.

Can I hook my Psyko PC headset to my Gaming Console?

Yes, as long as your game console has an Optical Out.  You will also need to purchase a 5.1 Digital Converter, and connect it to your game console then connect you Psyko Headset amp to it.  Click on the link for information on the Digital Converter and how to connect

Psyko Audio PC Surround Sound to Console Connection

What are the requirements for Psyko 5.1 Headset Systems?

Psyko headsets require a PC sound card (On-board sound, add-on, or USB sound card) that uses 3.5mm cables.  

How do I set up the Psyko 5.1 Headset System?

The Psyko 5.1 headset system is truly plug and play, there is no need to install, download, or update any Psyko software drivers. The Psyko hardware does it all.

  •     Connect the headset to the Psyko Amp with the cables from the headset
  •     Connect the Psyko Amp to your sound card with the included cable
  •     Connect the microphone to the headset jack on the headset's right earcup
  •     Connect the wall power adapter to the Psyko Amp and a power outlet
  •     Enable 5.1 Surround Sound through your audio settings and in-game settings
  •     Game On!

Where can I buy Psyko 5.1 Headsets?

We sell directly from our website and a few third party markets including Amazon and eBay.

What happened to the Psyko Krypton and Carbon Models?

They were replaced by the New Psyko 5.1 Surround Sound Headset, which is a combination of the old Krypton and Carbon headset. The new Psyko headset uses all the components of the Carbon headset: Gold Plated Connectors, Tangle Free Braided Cable, High Performance Speakers and a new upgraded Psyko Amp.