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Unplug with the sleek, durable KrankzTM Wireless Headphones with Over 45 hours of battery life!

Exeo 'KrankzTM' Wireless On-Ear Headphone has a Retractable, Folding Design with a Built-in Microphone; On-Ear controls to adjust your listening experience. The on-ear design combines superior sound quality with unparalleled comfort and style.

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"Great Headphones!"
Web Review | Oct. 24
I just received my pair of Krankz. It only took two days from the time I ordered until I received them. They came well packed and even came with a case that I didn't know about. It's a nice feature that I wasn't expecting. I was primarily looking for something wireless for working out. These fit that bill perfectly.
"Love these..."
Web Review | Oct. 01
I purchased a pair of these headphones for my 17 yr old son. He really likes them and thinks they're cool. I like that they're a lot cheaper than some of the other brands out there.
"Affordable, high quality sound!"
Amazon Review | December 6, 2014
Love these headphones! I've been looking for something wireless to use while I'm running around the house--whether it's vacuuming, doing the dishes, or just sitting at my computer--and these have been perfect. I'm not about to invest $300+ into something like Bose or Beats headphones (sorry Dre--I love you but kid's gotta eat), so these were really great for my price range.
So far I've predominantly listened to a lot of bassy chill step/downtempo with the Krankz and it enhances the bass and sound quality A LOT more than other headphones I've tried.

As far as the fit goes, they feel snug but not too tight, which is perfect for me. I'm actually able to keep them on my head while I do yoga (HUGE ADVANTAGE when my boyfriend's in the room and practicing guitar since he doesn't want to hear my crunchy hippie music and I don't want to hear him jam when I'm getting my namaste on).

I really dig on being able to use these for phone calls too, and all of the controls are very intuitive and easy to pick up. The call quality isn't lost at all either.

Overall, these headphones are definitely worth the price for the usability and sound quality you get for <$200. I would recommend these for anyone who wants great-sounding headphones for a fraction of the name brand price, but 100% of the quality.
"Mind blowing Sound"
Amazon Review | Nov. 21, 2015
Okay full disclosure, I'm not a audiophile but I have reviewed many headsets and these are some of the best. We could start with the 24 hour of play and talk time. Maybe we could talk about lighten fast pairing time or the soft plush ear cushions or the design with that beautiful aluminum enclosure around the ear cups. No matter where you start I found this product to be awesome, top to bottom! I must admit I was taken back by how small the ear cups was; we all know this is a beats by Dre world; go big or go home. Well the sound quickly made me forget about the size. The sound in these headphones are truly mind-blowing. The headset are some of the loudest I heard, when crank up all the way and the bass drops hard like a hammer on a snare drum. The mid's and Highs just jumps into your ear, I don't know how they pack that big sound into these headphones. I give this product five stars out of five. I never heard of Exeo entertainment before doing this product review, so I read up on them and watch a presentation about the brand. This company is doing big things and they will only grow if they continue to make good products like these.

This is not a paid review, I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. If you have any doubt about this review I suggest you watch the video to make a judgment for yourself. In my opinion these headphones rock.

-- Donald Bogen



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What Makes Krankz Better?

· Exeo "Krankz™" Wireless On-Ear Headphone has a Retractable, Foldable Design with a Built-in Microphone and Noise Cancelling.
· Built in microphone and automatic call notification for easily switching between music audio and phone calls when paired to your smart phone.
· To recharge your headphones, just plug them into any USB port or USB power cube.
·The on-ear design combines superior sound quality with unparalleled comfort and style.
· Easy Playback using the intuitive headset controls on your ear cup for managing your listening experience.
· Stream audio from your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device - even TV's - from up to 30 feet away.
· Incredibly clear and powerful sound.
· Noise dampaning.
· High efficiency rechargeable battery.

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Krankz Wireless
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Battery Life:
15 Hours
45+ Hours
15 Hours
12 Hours
12 Hours
180 Grams
160 grams
153 grams
215 grams
260 grams
Noise Cancelling:
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Krankz Wireless will give you BIG sound in a sleek and convenient package. With 105dB of clean sound, and noise cancellation, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite songs without any distraction. Hauling them around? The foldable design means they will fit snug in your backpack or luggage, and won’t be awkward to store if needed. Not able to charge your headphones all day? No problem, Krankz are complete with a Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery which gives you over 45-hours of battery life. That’s nearly twice as long as Krankz competitors!

We’re comfortable stating that Krankz is the best wireless bluetooth headphone on the market, but you need to hear for yourself! What are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of Krankz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones today.